Sixties Hit Jim Ricman Sixties MusicIt all Started back in 1963 Just after I left school, I was given an apprenticeship with an electrical/audio/transmission engineer and with him I went to various bbc radio stations which were the light programme, Home service which was all we had at that time. I knew a friend who was building his own studio, which in those days wasn’t anything like today. An old Ferrograph tape recorder, a couple of Gerrard record decks and old home built mixer.  I learnt a lot from that and progressed even further. Then in 1964 Radio Caroline started, it was that which led me into a career of broadcasting. I joined Caroline North on the 6th October 1965 as a trainee transmission/audio engineer. The situation at that time had progressed from when Radio Caroline started in 1964, where they did not have cart players, everything was read from a card or either played on a reel to reel tape recorder. I presented the odd music show but at that time I was more interested in the engineering side than playing records. Our transmitters had a power of 20Kw and our frequency was Jim Richman Sixties Hits(1520kHz 197metres) quite something from a ship. I remember holding a fluorecent tube in my hand and to my amazement it lit up, it was picking up RF from the aerial. In March 1966 I left the Frederica  for the last, never to return. While I was working for Caroline I used to go to London quite a bit and through contacts with Caroline I was asked if I would like a residency at the Marquee club in Ward or Street where I played club music such as blues, Jazz and  pop as it was at that time. I got a lot of experience working at the Marquee and through that I went freelance and had my own Disco business as it was to become know more in the mid to late 70s.

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Jim Richman