Jim Richman is a former disc jockey on Radio Caroline with a wealth of experience to his name. Pirate DJ Jim switched to hospital radio to take over the two and an half-hour programme on Saturday lunchtimes and has proved a very willing volunteer. He has been with the station since May 1977 and enjoys meeting the patients and nursing staff.

Jim takes over his regular seat at the console after travelling from his home in Middlesex to Surrey every weekend. Jim has worked at BBC Kent and is also freelance and has done some work for most ILR radio stations. His devotion to hospital radio has always been slotted in somehow.

Radio Caroline had a big influence on the life of Jim Richman, working as an apprentice electrician he happened to read an advertisement for an apprentice transmission engineer on board the Frederika Radio Caroline’s ship off the Isle of Man. He applied and within a week he was aboard.

Sixties Hits Jim Richman Radio CarolineOne morning the tender didn’t arrive due to rough weather so Gerry Leighton, the station director mentioned he was short of staff and asked Jim if he would be prepared to present a programme. He was astonished as he had never done anything like it before and within a couple of hours was on the air. When the next weeks mail arrived on the tender he was overwhelmed by the response he received and that really started him off on a DJ career.

Three months passed by and Jim moved to work on the Mi-Amigo, the second ship of Radio Caroline. He was the newsreader for the on shore popular DJ’s such as Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker and many other household names of the time. The working conditions on the ship were slapdash but programmes continued along with the advertising. Jim left the ship in August 1966.

He took over as resident DJ at the Marquis club in Wardour street, London which gained him a three year contract. This allowed him to gain contact to big names in the pop music business.

Jim worked overnight between 2am and 6am on http from October 1984 and February 1985 on Radio Jackie.

Since being with Radio Lion, Jim has been programme controller, ward coordinator and advising on all aspects with most things connected with Radio Lion. In May 2002, Jim was awarded with a long service certificate for 25 years hard dedication.

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