Andy Williams Dies Aged 84


It has been reported Andy Williams has died from bladder cancer in Branson, Missouri, following a long battle with the disease. Williams career began when he performed with his brothers in a quartet in their native Iowa, had been a household name for easy listening since the 1960s, whose sales at one time rivalled those of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.

His catalogue of enduring songs included Moon River,Music to watch girls to watch Girls by,Butterfly and Can’t get used to losing you, and he recorded as many 18 gold-Certified albums.

In the town of Branson, he owned the Moon River theatre, named after his signature

Ballad. Althiugh Williams never released the single of the famous song from

Breakfast at Tiffany’s he was asked to perform it at the 1962 Oscars, and quickly

Became forever associated with it.

The singer leaves widow Debbie and three children, Robert, Noelle and Christian, Who have requested that donations be made to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, in memory of the popular balladeer.