Pirate Memories

Pirate MemoriesPirate Memories was created in 1999 to bring to the publics attention, a film that was originally shot in 1966. The film was taken on the 60’s pirate radio ship ‘The Galaxy’, and featured daily life on board ‘Radio London’.

The film had at some stage, been transferred to a VHS video tape, and was found along with other pirate radio recordings & memorabilia in a suitcase that had been left after its owner emigrated to Australia in the late 80’s.

Despite months of painstaking research, the owner of the film, and the cameraman have never been officially identified, although there have been a number of theories, as to who was behind the lense.

The film depicts daily routine on board the radio ship, with tenders arriving and departing, shots of the studio, with DJ’s on air, and exteriors of the ship during the many weather conditions the ship had to endure during its two and a half years at sea between December 1964 and August 1967.

The film was digitally cleaned, and an authentic 60’s soundtrack was added, along with a five minute film dedicated to Radio London, which was produced just as the station closed in August 1967.

Many copies of the film have been sold around the world, and
now in 2012, Pirate Memories includes this website & on-line shop selling and also displaying Pirate Radio recordings and memorabilia, from those halcyon days of offshore radio broadcasting.

Pirate Memories aims to include all of the 60’s offshore pirate stations, as well as the 70’s and 80’s pirates too.

As new material becomes available,  you will be able to purchase via their on-line shop.

Pirate Radio Merchandise

DVD’s, CD’s and PHOTO’s are all available at Pirate Memories.