Sixties Hit Jim Ricman Sixties MusicSixties Hits and Jim Richman would like to welcome you. Over the coming months and years the sixties hits website will grow into an informative and fun blog about me, my life and my dreams and above all, sixties hits and music. I hope that you enjoy all that you find here regarding the sixties hits.

My favourite music is of course the swinging sixties hits, hence the name of the site “Sixties Hits“. I have dedicated so much time and effort into the swinging sixties hits.

I am currently involved with various projects within radio such as Hospital Radio, Radio North Sea International and OffShore Music Radio. You will be able to see what I do with regard my broadcasting commitments on a week to week basis.

I will be sharing information on how I record various shows, and of course the latest updates on interviews with celebrities through the radio stations etc.

I have also now joined the NEW Community Radio station Uckfield FM so you will be able to catch me on there should you like to listen in to more sixties hits.

If you wish to contact Jim Richman about sixties hits please email me from the contact page, and I will of course reply as soon as I can. There are certain sixties hits that don’t see the light of day, and if you have any ideas about obscure sixties hits then please let me know and I will do my best to trace them and put them on here to listen to.